Handy Tips to Increase Height

1. Your Wardrobe

What you wear can significantly make yourself look taller. By wearing pinstripes, not only do you make yourself look taller, but it creates a slimming effect as well. Try wearing solid colors all over, as wearing a dark shirt with pale pants or vice-versa draws attention to your waistline. Wearing the right pants can make your legs look longer than they actually are-and, incidentally, wearing the wrong pants can make your legs look even shorter. Keep an eye out for what works for you.

2. Your Shoes

It sounds like a given, but you would be surprised how useful your shoes can be. It makes sense that wearing height enhancing insoles or a sandal or boot with higher heels will make you look taller, but did you know that by wearing bulkier shoes, such as tennis shoes, you can make your feet look bigger, thus increasing the illusion? It's true!

3. Your Hair

When it comes to looking taller, short hair is the way to go. Short hair can make your neck seem longer than it is, as the space between your shoulders and your head is easy to make out. However, long hair ruins this illusion completely and actually makes your neck seem shorter.

4. Your Posture

While you can't physically increase your height by maintaining a good posture, it does wonders in making you look taller. In contrast, staying slumped in your chair gives you an even shorter appearance, and is bad for your back on top of that. By keeping your back straight, your shoulders back, and your head lifted high, you can appear much taller.

5. Your Attitude

Of course, these enhancements mean absolutely nothing if you're still unhappy with your appearance. By dressing well and keeping a confident posture, you consequently look and feel better as well. In the long run, it's the effort to appear attractive that catches the most notice. Out of all the tips to increase height, this is the most important.

Tips for Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure
Mix 1 tsp honey with 1 tsp ginger juice and 1 tsp cumin powder. Have twice a day.
In the same manner coriander or fenugreek leaves can be tried they won't harm in any way and at the same time one can find out what is best suited to their system.
Make a juice of 25-30 curry leaves with 1 cup of water. Strain and drink first thing in the morning. Limejuice can be added for taste. 
A clove of garlic is highly recommended for high blood pressure. Chew one clove of garlic first thing every morning and wash it down with water.
The garlic can also be coarsely pound and swallowed with water. 
Powder 100 gm melon seeds and 100 gm poppy seeds (khus-khus). Mix and store in a clean container. Consume 1 tsp with water morning and evening.
Low Blood Pressure 
Crush 10-15 holy basil leaves (tulsi) and strain through a clean muslin cloth. Mix with 1 tsp honey. Have it the first thing in the morning.
Soak 7 almonds in water over night.peel them and grind to a smooth paste .add in a glass of milk and boil.Drink warm.

Remedy for Kidney Stones

Boil two figs in a cup of water. Drink this first thing in the morning for one month.
Mix 1 tspn of Holy basil leaves juice with 1 tspn of honey. Have this every morning for 5-6 months.
Eat 2-3 Apples a day.
Watermelon, either eaten as a fruit or had a juice is very good.
1 cup of juice made with radish leaves taken 2 times a day.
First thing in the morning, drink 1 glass of fresh Tomato juice. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to this. 

Remedies for Ulcer

Eat Earlier.
Go Sour On SweetsYou may want to cut back on your consumption of sugar. The more refined sugar in your diet, the greater your risk of developing an ulcer, probably because sugar stimulates the secretion of stomach acid.
Boil 1 cup of fena greek leaves and eat with a sprinkle of salt twice a day.
Alcohol ingestion, cigarette smoking, and emotional stress may also influence the development of an ulcer or interfere with its healing.

Remedies for Vomiting

Common Causes of Vomiting Intake poisonous substances ,Gastroenteritis  ,Spinning too fast on a ride ,Surgery ,Pregnancy ,Certain drugs ,Disgusting sights,Disgusting smells 
Home Remedies for Vomiting
Heat 2 cardamoms on a dry tava. Powder them and add a tsp honey and take frequently.
Take a mixture of 1 tsp mint juice with 1 tsp lime juice and 1/2 tsp ginger juice along with a tsp honey.
Sip chilled lime juice.

Remedies for Gas

Mix 2 tsp of brandy with a cup of warm water and drink before going to bed.
Chew on some fresh ginger slices that are soaked in lime juice after meals.
A drop of dill oil in a tsp of honey taken immediately after a meal will help.
Powder 1 tsp of pepper, 1 tsp of dry ginger and 1 tsp of green cardamom seeds. Mix 1/2 tsp of this mixture with water and drink an hour after a meal .
Eat smaller, more frequent meals instead of three large meals.
Avoid high-fat meals.
To prevent gas from forming, chew a piece of fresh ginger after meals, regularly.
Swallow 1-2 tbsp  of fenugreek seeds with water to get instant relief from gas.

Tips for diabetic patients

Check blood glucose before each meal for a day.
Include fresh vegetable salad in every meal.
Have at least 20 to 25 grams of raw onion daily.
Drink a lot of water that will help flush the toxins off your system.
Do not eat fast; masticate and munch your food well before you swallow.
Boil 15 fresh Mango leaves in 1 glass of water. Leave overnight. Filter this water and drink first thing in the morning.
Do not eat immediately after a workout.
Eat food at fixed hours.
Attend a diabetes management course.
Avoid exercising when you have just taken your insulin shot.

Ear ache Natural Remedy Treatment

 Grind a few Holy basil leaves and extract some juice. Apply 2 drops inside the ear.
 Boil 3-4 cloves of Garlic in some water. Mash them and add a pinch of salt. Wrap this poultice in a flannel or woolen cloth and place on the aching ear.

Relief from Cold and Cough

The body should be kept warm - especially the feet, chest, throat and head. Sweating is very helpful.
Take half a teaspoon of ginger juice with half a teaspoon of honey, three times a day (morning, noon and night). In winter, warm the mixture by mixing a teaspoon of warm water in it.
Mix half a cup of warm water with one teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey. Dosage: Take several times a day.
In cases of dry cough (especially during the night), peel a small piece of fresh ginger. Sprinkle some salt on it and chew.
Take equal amounts of cardamom, ginger powder, black pepper and cinnamon (1 teaspoon each). Add sugar equal to the total amount of mixture and grind to make a fine powder. Dosage: Take half a teaspoon twice daily, with honey or warm water after meals.
In cases of sore throat, a clove or two cardamoms or a few raisins can be chewed.Gargling with warm salty water two to three times a day is also beneficial.
Boil 1 tbsp of pepper powder in a cup of milk along with a pinch of turmeric. Add some sugar for taste. Drink this once a day for three days.
A tablespoon of carom seeds (ajwain) crushed and tied in a muslin cloth. Inhale whenever nose is blocked.

Tips to cure Hiccups

To stop hiccups, get a spoonful of sugar or a small packet (like you would use in a restaurant). Hold your head back and drop the sugar in. The hiccups will stop!
Take deep breath, breathe very slowly and evenly (kind of like you're meditating) in through your nose and out through your mouth. You will get relief.
Eat a whole clove to get rid of hiccups.
1/2 tsp mustard seeds mixed with 1/2 tsp pure ghee and swallowed will stop hiccups.

Tips to Cure Headaches

Apply the paste of 3-4 cloves on the fore head.
Add water to 1 tbsp ginger powder. Heat gently in a pan. Apply the warm poultice on forehead. Keep for 15 minutes.
Make a herbal tea with 10-15 holy basil leaves (tulsi), 5-6 peppercorns and 1/2" ginger piece, powder. Keep in an air tight bottle. Take 2 pinches with warm water when a headache starts.
Get regular exercise.
Reduce your consumption of alcohol.
Avoid too much sun or getting overheated.
Drink more water.
Quit smoking.
Stick to a regular schedule for sleeping and eating.
Oil Massage Ask someone to give you a hair massage with sesame , almond or mustard oil. Dip the fingers in the oil and give a gentle massage which is sure to get the circulation going in the scalp and provide relief from headaches . This is an enjoyable way to get some relief and relaxation at the same time.
Meditation Cure

Try to close your eyes and sit straight with eyes closed. Focus between the eyebrows and relax. Let the tension flow out of the body and find the headache run away.

Tips for mouth ulcers

Common Causes of Mouth ulcers
Nutritional deficiencies such as iron, vitamins, especially B12 and C
Poor dental hygiene,Biting the cheek ,Infections particularly herpes simplex ,Stress ,Hormonal imbalance
Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers
Mouth ulcers can be the result of a lack of vitamin C. Drink plenty of orange juice.
Chew Tulis (also known as holy basil leaves) five or six times a day and then sip water.
Create a mouthwash with water and a small amount of sodium bicarbonate to cleanse the mouth.
Boil 2 cups of water. Add 1 cup fenugreek leaves and remove. Cover and keep for sometime. Strain the water and gargle 2-3 times a day. Make sure your diet contains plenty of soured milk products such as yoghurt, cottage cheese and buttermilk (unless you have a dairy intolerance).
Don’t use a hard bristled toothbrush.
Boil 1 tsp of coriander seeds in 1 cup of water. Remove when slightly warm gargle. Repeat 3-4 times a day.Rinse around your mouth with milk of magnesia to coat mouth ulcers and provide soothing relief.
Peppermint oil is great for immediate relief from the pain and irritation of an ulcer.
If you don’t have any coconut milk, rinsing and gargling with cold and then hot water can be beneficial for an ulcer.
Also, adding a little salt to water and gargling with it can aid healing.
Cut out animal protein for a couple of weeks (fish, meat) as this increases acidity in the body and slows down the healing process.

Tips to gain Weight

Weight gain is as difficult as losing it, if you are naturally thin. Gaining weight is a problem for many people. They complain that they can't put on any weight. Following are some tips to follow to gain weight. You will take some time to gain the weight you need, but be patient.
Consume more calories than you burn. Choosehealthy foods to add calories.
Drink healthy beverages to add calories.
Eat healthy foods frequently, 5-6 times a day - 3 larger meals and 3 smaller meals alternately. Separate them by at least 3 hours so you can digest each meal fully. Don't go without food for 5-6 hours after having a major meal.
For example, if you wish to consume 3000 calories a day, you may eat 3 larger meals of about 650 calories and 3 smaller meals of about 450 calories.
Have a balanced diet.
Exercise regularly for healthy weight gain. Some thin people think that exercise is not good for them. This is not true, it keeps the metabolism high. Remember that eating alone is not sufficient. You don't want to gain fat but lean mass, so exercise is important.Resistance training exercises will help to increase your muscle mass, which in turn will increase your metabolism . Learn to distinguish between weight gaining exercises and weight loss exercises.Note that if you do not get enough amino acids during exercise, the existing muscle may break down. Amino acids come from protein rich foods.
Protein is the key for the muscle mass. Without adequate protein, muscle gain is not possible because weight training demand for amino acids (which comes from protein).
Milk is one of the best muscle foods.
Healthy fats: Avoid fatty foods. Most mothers, especially in India give too much ghee or butter to their children, thinking they will gain weight fast. But ghee is mostly saturated fat which is not a healthy fat for any body. Healthy fats are  monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 essential fatty acids.
Good fats:cold pressed oils (olive, sunflower, linseed, canola,best cooking oil)
Complex carbohydrates is also needed.
Some people think that drinking beer helps gain weight. But it is not true, it accumulates in your abdomen, making it fatty.
Don’t take protein supplements. Consult your doctor for protein supplements.

Tips to reduce Weight

Very good exercises.Exercises like brisk walking, jogging, playing out door games etc help to reduce weight.Avoiding the food and beverages .The foods which increase kapha and medha are sweets, sweetened drinks , large quantities of carbohydrates and oily food.
 Consuming wheat products than rice products help to reduce obesity.
Using Green gram and horse gram help in reduction of kapha and medha.

Sleeping for less hours
Avoiding sleeping in afternoons help to increase the burning of calories. This avoids slowing of  basal metabolic rate.Use a nonstick pan for cooking so added fat will be unnecessary, use a vegetable spray for frying.

Tips for good Health

Move More
Make it a daily challenge to find ways to move your body.   Walk your dog; chase your kids; toss balls with friends, mow the lawn. Anything that moves your limbs is not only a fitness tool, it's a stress buster. Think 'move' in small increments of time. It doesn't have to be an hour in the gym or a 45-minute aerobic dance class or tai chi or kickboxing.Cut Fat
Avoid the obvious such as fried foods, burgers and other fatty meats (i.e. pork, bacon, ham, salami, ribs and sausage).

Reduce Stress
Easier said than done, stress busters come in many forms. Some techniques recommended by experts are to think positive thoughts. Spend 30 minutes a day doing something you like. (i.e.,Soak in a hot tub; walk on the beach or in a park; read a good book; visit a friend; play with your dog; listen to soothing music; watch a funny movie.
Protect Yourself from Pollution 
If you can't live in a smog-free environment, at least avoid smoke-filled rooms, high traffic areas, breathing in highway fumes and exercising near busy thoroughfares.
Wear Your Seat Belt

Statistics show that seat belts add to longevity and help alleviate potential injuries in car crashes. Thought for the day: Buckle down and buckle up.

Avoid Excessive Drinking
  While recent studies show a glass of wine or one drink a day (two for men) can help protect against heart disease, more than that can cause other health problems such as liver and kidney disease and cancer. Thought for the day: A jug of wine should last a long time.
Keep a Positive Mental Outlook 
There's a definitive connection between living well and healthfully and having a cheerful outlook on life. Thought for the day: You can't be unhappy when you're smiling or singing.
Choose Your Parents Well 

The link between genetics and health is a powerful one. But just because one or both of your parents died young in ill health doesn't mean you cannot counteract the genetic pool handed you. Thought for the day: Follow these basic tips for healthy living and you can better control your own destiny.

Tips for Healthy hair

Apply olive oil (or Musturd Oil) at bed time and wash off the hair next morning.
Mix Banana in Honey and apply on hair for 30 - 40 min, and then wash it for that sheen in your hair.
If you have dandruff then apply a mixture of vinegar and water on the scalp before you go to bed. Keep it overnight.
Another good way to get rid of dandruff is to soak ground fenugreek seeds overnight in water and massage the paste on the head, leaving it for a few minutes and then wash it.
Rinse your head with vinegar water again in the morning. You will see the result within few weeks.
Rinsing your hair with lemon juice can bring life and shine back to dull hair.
Don't use any old rubber band as they tend to break or split hair. Instead just use a scrunchy or a fabric coated elastic band.
Don't brush wet hair too harshly because its three times weaker and more likely to break off mid strand. Towel dry hair first, then gently detangle using a wide toothed comb.

Tips for  Eye Care

Put potato slices on your eye to get rid off those dark circles.
Take A vitamin diet to make eyes brighter. (papaya, eggs, fish, milk, cilantro etc.,) Wash eyes with cold water to get sparkling eyes.
Place two cucumber slices over the eyes and rest for 15 minutes or apply cucumber juice under eyes.
Getting enough sleep at least 8-10 hours a day, can fade out dark circles.
For Puffy Eyes: Grate a potato with its peel and apply on your closed eyelids for about 20 minutes and relax completely. You may even take a nap.

Tips  for glowing Skin

A face mask of egg white and honey gently removes the tan from your face.
For oily skin, take a mixture of oatmeal and egg white and apply it on the neck and face.
For dry skin, Make a paste with egg yolk, olive oil and lemon juice. Apply it on the neck and face, wash it out after 10 minutes.
Apply the mixture of tomato juice and honey on the face and neck , wash it after 15 minutes.

Tips for mobile Users

It is advisable to use your left ear while calling as the right ear has immediate bad effects to your brain.
It is not recommended to use your mobile phone while it is on charging as it is connected through live connections and the phone could get heated up very soon because of the mixed connections.

tips for life