Tips for the Bride

Each and every bride to be wishes to look her best on the big day. If, you want to look beautiful on your wedding day, then you must begin preparing much in advance. Take care of skin, hair and body in the months leading up to the wedding.

Drink plenty of water, at least 2-litres a day for a healthy glowing skin, as water hydrates the skin. Eat plenty of fish, nuts and seeds, as they contain essential fatty acids that nourish the skin and hair. Jennifer Lopez known for her perfect, glowing skin swears by this, and when she named her perfume Glow, she was referring to her skin.

Keep skin in shape with a daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine. It is important to use the right products for your skin type. Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin on a weekly basis, this helps get rid of dull skin cells revealing new fresh skin underneath. Exfoliate back, arms and chest or any other part of your skin that will be on show in your dress. Lash on tons of body cream after exfoliating to sooth and moisturise the skin.

If, you have dry, frizzy hair due to regular use of colour and harsh styling products, indulge your hair with hair masks to bring it back life and make it shine. Treat yourself to bi-weekly hair treatments with essential oil and vitamin products for hair that shines on the big day.

As for make up magic, if you are going to get it done professionally, you will need to shop around. Remember, being a professional does not mean they are talented, as well.

Don’t experiment with hair cuts and colours in the months leading up to your wedding. If, you get something trendy that turns out to be a disaster, think of all the time to grow it out. Stay with what suits you best till after the wedding is over.

Decide on a hairstyle that goes with your wedding dress. Wearing your hair in an up do helps show off the neckline and bone structure, which is flattering in photographs.
In case, you are wearing a saree and high heels on your wedding day, which you are not used to. Well, then you must begin to practice wearing both if you don’t wish to land on your face on the day of all days!
Mud mask If your skin is oily, use mud mask. If you have dry skin you can use creamy hydrating mud mask.

Buttermilk face wash Wash your face with buttermilk. It will make your skin soft and hydrating.

Oatmeal, honey and lemon juice Mix oatmeal, honey and lemon juice, apply on face. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off with warm water.
Cucumber juice For fresh look on your face apply cucumber juice. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off with warm water.

When you return home after a hectic day of shopping, wash your face and apply sandalwood paste.
If, you want look slim not bloated in your wedding dress, exercise regularly and watch what you eat. Cutting down on carbohydrate intake should help eliminate any unwanted bulges.
Wedding Makeup Tips In case, you decide to do your make up on your own then visit a cosmetic boutique at least one month before the wedding and see what colors look good on you before buying the make up.

Here are some of the tips that will help with makeup on the wedding day
Cleaning Wipes: The first important thing before starting the make up is to make sure your face is clean. Use cleaning wipes to see that its clean or not.
Compact Foundation:
If you have dry to normal skin use creamy foundation to get coverage and clean up smudged make-up. Try Prescriptives, Max Factor 3-in-1, Shiseido liquid compact or Esteem Lauder Revelation. But if you have oily skin wear powder, powder foundation will allow coverage and camouflage blurred make-up. Also to make your foundation last for a longer time, use primer before applying foundation
Concealer Or Stick Foundation:
A concealer will help to cover the spots on your face, bags or redness, if any. The nice thing about concealer is that it will serve the purpose not only of a cream compact foundation, but is available in different colors. Get a shade matching your skin color. Dab it onto places where you need and evenly spread on the face. Don’t overdo it let it look natural. You could buy Clinique City Stick, Prescriptives Matchstick.
Shiny Eyeshadow:
Its your wedding day you could use a little shimmer. Use a light color eyeshadow or if you like darker tone go for them. Either way , the eyeshadow will do wonders to revive the way your eyes look. You could use pale platinum gold (Chanel Venus or Clarins Vanilla Pearl),a pale silver (Chantecaille Light Or Dior Cloud), or even a soft gold (Dior Sand Beige or M&S Metal Sheen). You can also use these tinsel potion highlights for the rest of your face and body.
Color Accent Shadow:
This is applied just over the lash-line about halfway between the pupil and the outer corner of your eye, blending in a spot about a size of a pencil rubber.
Colored Mascara:
Apply vibrant and visible color to clean lashes and you’ll see it quite clearly. Use muted shades such as black-violets, bronze green, plum-browns and blue-black, They aren’t dark as black or boring as brown. Make sure to use water proof mascara just incase the tears of joy appear.
A vibrant blusher is necessary to complete the look. A light coat of pink or peach could highlight cheekbones.
A lipstick And Gloss:
The most important thing to complete the look . Also a layer of foundation on the lips could fill in the cracks if any. Then apply a light to medium lipstick. If dark tones look good on you it could look just fine. If you want an extra shine add a layer of lip-gloss.

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Bridegroom Grooming Tips

A wedding is a very important milestone in the life of a man. The transformation from a carefree bachelor to a responsible husband is something very special in a guy’s life. To make sure that the occasion that shall bring in this transformation is special, the potential bridegroom needs to follow certain grooming techniques to prepare mentally as well as physically for the D-Day.
.After an active day outdoors, splash your face liberally with water and use a cleanser to remove the dust and pollution. Be sure to wash your face with a mild face wash before going to bed at night.
.Don’t forget to use moisturizer every night to improve your skin. Men with oily skin may use a water-based moisturizer while those with dry skin should opt for oil-based moisturizers. It may take a few weeks to perceive any change so don’t get disappointed too soon.
.Choose a good men’s salon and get your facial, manicure and pedicure done a week before the wedding. It is the perfect time to pamper yourself after all!
.For a wedding, a clean shaven look is always in. But if you want to go for a beard or a mustache, show it to your friends and family and let them get used to it at least a month before your wedding.
.Face packs, cleansers and moisturizers won’t hurt you and will actually make your skin much healthier and give you a natural glow. Face packs such as sandalwood, Indian clay and neem clean the skin, remove toxins, make the skin breathe easier and provide nourishment. However, check for any allergic reactions beforehand. Always apply a face pack before shaving.
.Start shampooing and conditioning your hair regularly to make it soft and shiny. Try a new haircut much before the wedding day, so any bad trimming and styling can be corrected in time.
.Exercise regularly. Do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 3 times per week.
.Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, sprouts and yogurt in your diet.  Intake adequate protein in the form of yogurt, paneer, fish and chicken. Cut back fatty,  processed foods. Do not crash diet. Make sure you're getting the right amount of vitamins. Avoid alcohol and smoking as much as possible.

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