Tips for Lovers

Love is beautiful and life is also beautiful. In the life we can love others. We can love so many peoples but we have only one life. How we can complete a successful love in our single life.
Just talk to them.
Please look in their eyes in the time you meet them.
Just touch them. They should like to touch you.
Just buy a flower or chocolate for them.
You should want to go behind some times to make a hard love.
Don't foolish them in anyway.
Just go to their home and participate in dinner or breakfast.
Help them in all problems.
Know their problems.
Work in the same company or places.
Make a good friendship.
ust say “I love you”.
You can expect a good reply.
Then marry her/him.
Live with her/him .

Tips for Happiness

Think of solutions, not problems.
Listen to relaxing, uplifting music.
Watch funny comedies that make you laugh.
Each day, devote some time to reading a few pages of an inspiring book or article.
Watch your thoughts. Whenever you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, start thinking of pleasant things.

Always look at what you have done and not at what you haven't.
   Sometimes you may begin the day with the desire to accomplish several objectives. At the end of the day you might feel frustrated and unhappy, because you haven't been able to do all of those things.
Always expect happiness.
Do not envy people who are happy. On the contrary, be happy for their happiness.
Associate with happy people, and try to learn from them to be happy. Remember, happiness is contagious.
Do your best to stay detached, when things do not proceed as intended and desired. Detachment will help you stay calm and control your moods and reactions. Detachment is not indifference. It is the acceptance of the good and the bad and staying balanced. Detachment has much to do with inner peace, and inner peace is conductive to happiness.
Smile more often.
Volunteer. When you give to others, whether that's money or the stuff you no longer need or your time and love, you become happier. It's true. Take 5 minutes today to call a charity and volunteer to donate some time sometime this month. It will make a big difference in your life.

Follow your passions. If you do what you love to do, especially for a living, you will be extremely happy. This is one of the best things you can do. If it seems impossible, don't give up. Others have done it and you can too.

Look at your achievements. Instead of looking at what you haven't done, or what you've failed at, think about what you have done. Many times that's much more than we realize.

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